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Over 10,000 Different positions

To help you sleep better

Everyone has their own favorite position to sleep, and we are giving you more than most beds.

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Light-up Remote

Easy to use day or night!

Our adjustable bed remotes light up for easy night-time use. Why wake your partner to adjust your bed, when our adjustable beds come with a remote for each bed.

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Buy Adjustable Beds Online from our eStore

Buy an adjustable bed online today and get free delivery and setup anywhere in the continental United States. A lot of people have never tried sleeping on an adjustable bed, nor do they know the many benefits. The first thing people find out is that adjustable beds give them the best night's sleep they have ever had! They also find out that purchasing a bed from our competition is (very) expensive as opposed to our Tempurpedic alternative. An adjustable bed from our competition can cost you over $6,000 without pillows or sheets and in many cases without the mattresses themselves! Our same product includes your mattresses, sheets, and 2 free very comfortable foam pillows for much less than half the cost of our competitors. Our beds give you the same exact bed positions, quality components, and excellent customer service as our competitor's without the large price tag.

Buying an adjustable bed shouldn't cost as much as our competitors charge, as they are simply rugged bed frames with a few motors and some quality bearings and pivot points. We understand this and choose to sell our beds at a lower cost. Why? Because, we also sleep on our beds as well, and we want everyone to enjoy the same benefits as we do. Save thousands when you buy our Tempurpedic alternative adjustable bed today with free delivery & in-home setup anywhere in the continental United States, Parts of Canada, and most of Mexico.