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About G-Force Beds

The G-Force Adjustable Bed Sleep System was designed so that everyday people can sleep on a better bed with the same benefits as our competition. Our beds are made with the same quality materials and designs as the leading adjustable beds. The only difference is our low price and extended friendly customer service. The G-Force Zero Gravity bed has over 10,000 different sleeping positions including the Zero Gravity position created by NASA.

What is Zero Gravity?

Zero gravity is a certain position in which the effects of gravity apply the least amount of pressure on muscles, joints, and bones by distributing a person's weight evenly. This relaxing and sleeping position is almost impossible to attain without the use of a chair or bed that has a preset Zero Gravity setting. Being that there are over 10,000 settings on our adjustable beds-we thought you would enjoy our "One Touch Zero Gravity Setting".

Why doesn't everyone Sleep on an Adjustable Bed?

Just one night on our adjustable beds has our clients asking us why we didn't sell them a bed sooner. We are all battling the stereotypes and misguided information in the world constantly. One of those problems is that for some reason along the lines doctors realized that sleeping on a flat surface can do a lot of harm to your body. From there some very rich people made a simple bed design, gave it a huge price tag, and sell it to the fortunate. Which is why your cost from Our store is about 1/4th the price of what the leading competition sells their adjustable beds for.

It is sad to see that if you want a better life that you have to pay for it. We felt the same way everyday when we the owners would wake up with a stiff back, achy legs, and had to listen to our spouses snoring all night. Now however, we enjoy a full night's sleep. It feels like waking up on vacation everyday when you sleep on an adjustable bed. It is truly an amazing experience. That is why we want you to try our adjustable beds and enjoy our 100-Nights of Sleep while having the option to return the bed to our facility.